Natural Energy Lozenges are stacked nutrition designed by a physician.
Based on cutting edge science, there are no products on the market that offer the same unprecedented value in physiologic benefits for costs.

Natural Energy Lozenges support a gentle increase in energy in your mind and body that lasts throughout the day with no caffeine, no side effects and no crash.

Natural Energy Lozenges, Inc is veteran owned and manufacturing is in the United States of America.  A portion of all of our sales goes to support the Wounded Warrior Foundation. 

Natural Energy Lozenges, Inc is U.S. Navy Veteran owned and operated.  Active and Veteran military, police and first responders are all eligible for discounted rates at the individual or organizational level.  A portion of the sales of Natural Energy Lozenges go to support the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
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Our Story

Over many years, I put together a combination of nutrients to help patients have natural energy in their bodies and minds without the side effects of drugs like caffeine that can make you crash. They responded by requesting that I put it all together for them and Natural Energy Lozenges are the result of that effort.

Based on cutting edge science, Natural Energy Lozenges confer a gentle increase in energy in the body and mind that lasts throughout the day. Upon going to bed, you feel relaxed and in a good mood, having accomplished more than usual and finding your thoughts flowing into a dreamy night of restful sleep.

The active ingredients of Natural Energy Lozenges are all found within the human body naturally and include elements that: support blood flow, the immune system, enhanced cognition and problem solving, the methylation cycle, and finally, a precursor of adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the cell. 

Natural Energy Lozenges are unique in that there are currently no products on the market that offer so many physiologic benefits in one lozenge.

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Disclaimer:  While Natural Energy Lozenges are for everyone needing extra energy: women, men, corporate people, construction workers, students, athletes, and people with fatigue for example, it should not be taken by anyone with a health condition.  Check with your physician before trying it.

Natural Energy Lozenges are delicious but they're not candy!  Keep away from children under the age of 16.

Natural Energy Lozenges should not be combined with energy drinks.  After having some experience with it, combining with an occasional cup of coffee would theoretically be okay, as Natural Energy has no caffeine.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.