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Our Story ~

Over time, I had put together a combination of nutrients to help people have natural energy in their minds and bodies without the side effects of drugs that interfere with sleep and make you crash.  They requested that I put it all together for them, and Natural Energy Lozenges are the result of that effort.

Based on cutting edge science, Natural Energy Lozenges confer an increase in blood flow, confidence and energy in the mind and body.  Upon going to bed, you feel relaxed and in a good mood, having accomplished more than usual, and finding your thoughts flowing into a dreamy night of restful sleep.

The active ingredients of Natural Energy Lozenges are all found within the human body naturally and include elements that support blood flow, cognition, and energy, including a precursor of adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of the cell. 

Natural Energy Lozenges are unique in that there are no products on the market that offer so many physiologic benefits in one lozenge.

Beyond the energy drinks is cutting edge science for modern people with refined style and taste. 

John Carter, MD

 Two-Count Packets

Frequently Asked Questions


How should I take Natural Energy Lozenges?  
     Newbees:  Melt one Lozenge in your mouth in the morning.  Don't take two at once if you're new to it, they're stronger than you think.

     Veterans:  After melting one Lozenge in your mouth in the morning, you may take a second one at lunchtime.  In time, you may choose to take two Lozenges in the morning, however if you do, you may experience a "Red Flush" and some tingling due to the sudden increase in blood flow.

     Old Pros:  Natural Energy Lozenges were originally designed for people to take three per day, however, the synergy of stacking the ingredients proved to confer much more power and energy than we even imagined.  For the most part, you want to stick with no more than two per day, but if you're really under the gun and have to perform exceptionally well, you can safely take three per day on two or three days of the week for several weeks.  Afterward, be good to yourself and give yourself a chance to catch up with rest so you don't burn yourself out.  Natural Energy Lozenges support enhanced performance which you're going to love, but it has it's limits and we all need rest too. 

What is a "Red Flush?"  A "Red Flush" is a sudden reddening of the skin, often associated with some tingling, due to a sudden increase in blood flow and caused by Niacin.  It's harmless, and some people like the feeling.  Niacin also raises HDLs (good cholesterol) and lowers LDLs (bad cholesterol) simarly to the way in which exercise effects cholesterol.  Some people have speculated that niacin could be one of the closest things we have to exercise in a pill form, but that's a wild speculation.


Are Natural Energy Lozenges Safe?  All of the ingredients are "GRAS" (generally regarded as safe).  That being said, there are a number of precautions we wish to offer:

     1.  While Natural Energy Lozenges are delicious, they're not candy!  Keep away from children under the age of 16. and then only with parental supervision for 16-18 year olds. 

     2.  Natural Energy Lozenges should not be combined with energy drinks.  After having some experience with it, combining with an occasional cup of coffee would theoretically be okay, as Natural Energy Lozenges are caffeine free.

     3.  Natural Energy Lozenges should not be used by anyone with a health condition.  Check with your physician before trying it.    

Are Natural Energy Lozenges Approved / FDA Approved?  The ingredients of Natural Energy Lozenges are all found within the human body naturally, and are also all already found in products being sold over the counter for many years now, therefore they fall into the category of "Dietary Supplements" which do not require FDA approval.  That being said, Natural Energy Lozenges are manufactured in an FDA approved facility in Maryland, Mastix LLC, who also happens to be the manufacturer of the product, Airborne, and their FDA Registration can be found here:  

What about the quality and purity of Natural Energy Lozenges?  Being new to the market, we recognized that being able to prove the quality and purity of our product was essential to building a solid foundation from which to grow so we've had third party testing of both the raw ingredients and the final packaged product.  These results show the quantitative analysis of the products ingredients, as well as the fact that there was absolutely no microbial growth.     

What about other measures of Quality Production?  Here you will find our Certificate of Compliance for Good Manufacturing Practices, cGMP, demonstrating the highest quality of care in the production of the Natural Energy Lozenges packets.


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Public Sustainability Report

Natural Energy Lozenges, LLC is committed to supporting a sustainable environment.  From the very outset of the product’s design, we had the energy costs for production and delivery of our product in mind.

All of our major competitors, 5-Hour Energy, Monster Energy, and Red Bull Energy drinks for example, all of them, are in fact mostly water, and water is very heavy, and very energetically expensive to transport around the globe.

Natural Energy Lozenges by comparison has no water and only weighs a tiny fraction of what the energy drinks weigh.  This translates into needing only a tiny fraction of the energy required to transport our product, and consequently, a much smaller carbon footprint.

Likewise, the heavy liquid energy drinks all require a hefty bottle to hold all of that water creating a heavy adverse impact on the environmental landfills, whereas, the Natural Energy Lozenges packet is lightweight and tiny by comparison.

Finally, if we consider the human element of sustainability:  Taking high doses of caffeinated products is simply not sustainable.  At the very least it’s going to irritate your gastrointestinal tract, interfere with sleep and create crashes / moodiness.  These are not the characteristics of folks in a sustainable society.

On the other hand, Natural Energy Lozenges have no caffeine and no crash.  At the end of the day, you feel relaxed and in a good mood, having accomplished more than usual and finding your thoughts flowing into a dreamy night of restful sleep.  The next day, you're invigorated because you slept well, and you're ready to do it all over again.  A society with people feeling like this is absolutely sustainable.     

Stacked Nutrition Designed by a Physician

Stacked Nutrition Designed by a Physician