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1.  ​Thank you, 

I have tried every other energy drink and pill on the planet and they all made me crash hard. Natural Energy has no crash. Gives me the energy I had when I was 18 years old.  I am 39 and very happy that I now have a healthy source of energy in my life.  I will use Natural Energy every day.
Thank you Natural Energy,

2.  Immediate sense of renewed energy. 
I am a 63 years old female who was feeling like I didn't have enough energy to do even the simplest tasks.  After trying Natural Energy I felt an immediate sense of renewed energy like I haven't in a very long time.  Plus, the added bonus was that there was no crash later on.  I highly recommend this product and will be using it myself!

​​3.  Even energy throughout the day and into the evening with no side effects, crash or jitters.
My name is Kathy, and I am a 53 year old single mom with two teenage boys.  Needless to say, keeping up most of the time is a great challenge.  I have tried most of the over-the-counter energy supplements over the years and they either made me very shaky or there is a terrible crash soon after I take it.  After trying Natural Energy, I must admit that it was fantastic!  I had even energy throughout the day and into the evening with no side effects, crash or jitters.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who feels they just can't keep up, as I am finally able to spend quality time with my boys and I'm not dragging through the day!

4.  Has actually given me lasting energy without any crashes, jitters, or any other negative side effects!  
I am 29 years old and have been living the last 6-7 years feeling that I had to struggle to find the energy to do anything and everything! I have done endless web searches and tried talking to everyone I could think of to find any answers but was unable to find a solution to help give me my own energy level back. Everything I tried left me feeling jittery, anxious or just crawling in my skin, until I was told about Natural Energy! At first I had doubts that it would get my hopes up just to be let down like all of my previous trials, but I am happy to say I was completely wrong! This is the first "energy" product that has actually given me lasting energy without any negative side effects! I have told all of my coworkers about Natural Energy and they also were skeptical until trying it for themselves! Natural Energy has changed my life for the better and I am so thankful to have the energy to not just get through my day, but also my daughters "always on the go" day!
5.  I take one in the morning and feel like I have energy and a brighter mood for the remainder of the day. 
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how great I know "Natural Energy" Lozenges help me throughout the course of the day. I take one in the morning and feel like I have energy and a brighter mood for the remainder of the day. In addition to my regular medications, "Natural Energy" is just the boost I need to get my day going. I am really happy that it is a safe "non-speedy" alternative to the other products on the market. Thank you,
6.  Definitely taking the Natural Energy has helped me to keep moving and I will definitely buy more. 
My name is Ana and I'm a car salesman.  I usually try whatever would make me feel more energy since I work long hours.  I had the pleasure to meet the inventor and he gave me samples of Natural Energy and I have to say that its been definitely worth it.  For the last three months I have been working and studying and I was feeling extremely tired.  Definitely taking the Natural Energy has helped me to keep moving and I will definitely buy more. 
7.  Lots of Energy, tastes good and gives lots of pep.   Al
8.  I've taken Natural Energy for the 1st time and it really works.  I was focused, not jittery and active all day.  I would take it again.   Joseph
9.  I just feel amazingly energetic all day!!!  
My Name is Danny and I am a 36 year old man.  I am a coffee and energy drink enthusiast.  I do construction and my day usually starts around 5am.  Since I started taking Natural Energy I have completely cut out drinking energy drinks all together.  I feel so much better since getting off the caffeine roller coaster.  With Natural Energy I don't crash.  I just feel amazingly energetic all day!!!  Thanks Natural Energy.   Danny
10.  Endorsement for Natural Energy!  
Family, work, chores. I get it as we almost all have various things to get done in a day and only so much time to do it in.  But that’s why I totally love ‘Natural Energy!’  As for someone like me, who values his workouts, so crucial to maintaining optimal health and reducing stress, just one Natural Energy pill per day gives me all the ‘extra get up and go boost’ I need to get everything done. 
Growing up and engaging in football at the high school level while later playing both college rugby and participating in professional power lifting, I’ve forever been on a constant search for the perfect energy supplement that gives me enough pep, but without the jitters or a caffeine crash, and I’ve finally found it.  Noticing, too, that the product also helps give me the good night's sleep that comes with the satisfaction of laying down to bed knowing that I’ve done everything I can to help empower both my body and mind.  This ‘super pill’ really is amazing and I’d recommend it to anyone seeking to make the most out of their day!
~ Christopher X. XXXXX, MPA
11.  I remain clear headed, focused and more energy than ever before to sustain daily life with a toddler!
I have used Natural Energy lozenge supplements with my daily breakfast and for the afternoon slumps.  As a single mother, my energy levels were lacking and I was drinking three Redbulls a day to try to keep up.  As I know this was not healthy, I decided to try Natural Energy supplements.  I remain clear headed, focused and more energy than ever before to sustain daily life with a toddler!   Also, happy to report, no more Red Bulls for me!  Natural Energy along with my daily multivitamin serves me and my toddler well!  Thank you for helping myself to become a more focused mother.
12.  These lozenges are awesome, I feel awesome!!  Lindsay
13.  Natural Energy is good, gives you pep, gives you focus. I've seen a big change in my daily energy. Also, it's much easier to wake up after taking it and there are no side effects. I will keep taking Natural Energy everyday. Thanks Natural Energy! Al
14.  I have tried everything under the sun for energy.  I am a veteran of the army and I can tell you that Natural Energy has worked great.  No sugar high and no crash, which is what I look for in energy supplements.  It has worked great and I use it everyday.  Tony
15.  My name is Jayce and I've taken Natural Energy and it works very good for me.  I will continue to take it.   Jayce
16.  This is THE BEST energy tablet I have ever used.  It works from taking the very first lozenge.  I work overnight and was dragging half-way through my shift.  After taking one of these lozenges, I am able to complete my work shift and do not go home and crash.  I am very grateful I have been introduced to NATURAL ENERGY lozenges. They are incredible!!! Two thumbs up!  Wanda
17.  Finally tried my sample of Natural Energy.  I was so surprised at how much energy I had all day.  (so was my boss) ha ha!  I would say to anyone who lacks sustained energy that this is probably perfect for you.  No nasty side effects... Just Energy!!!   Natalie
18.  I have tried dozens of energy supplements and pills through the course of the years and I find this product, Natural Energy, to be highly effective without any side effects such as a "crash." One a day seems to be all I need to get me through the day. Taken with my morning meal and no anxious "jitters."  For the days requiring the extra mile and effort, a second Natural Energy gets me thru the task without keeping me up all night.  Natural is better in my opinion.  No chemicals or speed.  I hope more people are able to discover this quality product.  Josh
19.  I have been using Natural Energy for 3 days now and it is awesome.  I feel great all day, work 12 hours and go to bed with ease.  I recommend Natural Energy to anyone.  Amy
20.  Usually energy drinks or energy pills make me very shaky and jittery.  I was not at all.  I had a very good amount of energy throughout my entire day.  I love this product!  Kevin
21.  ...I have no doubts at all, I love Natural Energy.  I had more energy, I felt better overall, there was no sudden crash and I had no trouble sleeping.  I highly recommend Natural Energy and will be replacing my intake of "5 hour energy shots" with this new Natural Energy supplement.   Heather
22.  A friend gave me the Natural Energy Lozenges to try and I really liked them.  I started feeling better and had more energy.  I would recommend them for others to try.  Mary
23.  The Natural Energy Citrus Lozenges have really helped me get some of my energy back.  These vitamins are great and I hope others have a chance to try them out.  Nicole
24.  I am 68 years old and have tried a few energy boosters, but I do not like the jittery feeling they give me. I have taken B12 but the crash afterwards can be rough. Natural energy gives me a boost during the day and increased stamina. I have found that during an 18 hole golf match, I am as strong at end of match as I was at the beginning after taking a natural energy lozenge. Try it. I think you will like it. TC

25.  ​​I have to take medications which make me drowsy and chronic pain is with me every day. My husband purchased a bottle of Natural Energy and I figured it was just another energy vitamin that didn?t add much to my health. Boy was I wrong! I began to feel better right away and had immediate energy that lasted throughout the day. All I can say is, try it! It taste like orange and I take it really reminded of what normal feels like. Stay healthy, take NatE!  Marcia

26. Usually drink one or two energy drinks a day and have been wanting to get away from them. Tried the samples i received and felt a good even amount of energy through out the entire day. No crash or jitters. The taste of the lozenge was good. Over all a great product. Will continue to use during the week instead of energy drinks.  Justin

27.  Amazon Review: Highly recommended

After taking Natural Energy; I can honestly say it works. I consider myself a “connoisseur” in energy supplements being your typical millennial. It offers a perfect, consistent kick that you need to get through the rest of the work day or event. Would recommend this item to family or friends.  David  

28.  Amazon Review: Okay so it ACTUALLY works

I used to drink like 2 energy drinks a day.. I always felt sluggish and tired, even though I slept for a full 8 hours or even when I was exercising. I felt overall unmotivated and lethargic. Im not really one for the "wellness" fad that's going on right now- the detox's- drinks and/or vitamins that the average person doesn't need (for one reason or another) so therefore they don't work as marketed. It can be such a waste of money and frustrating. I also have bad anxiety so I have to be careful with what I take because often it will make that worse. A co worker told me about this brand and... surprise it actually works. It gave me energy and I didn't have any of the weird or uncomfortable side-effects. I've given it to my mother to try, she is 65 and it worked for her as well as it did for me. It is inexpensive and um yes hello it actually works. Do yourself a favor and put the energy drink down and just try it.  Aniela

29: Amazon Review:  Best energy pill I’ve ever had

Love these, Steady energy throughout the day without the jitters  Colleen

30.  Amazon Review: Great tasting, actual energy!

 I love this energy supplement! It automatically through the initial taste gives me a zolt of energy. Tastes like candy and stamina lasted throughout the day.    Amazon Customer  

31. Amazon Review:  All Natural product that actually works! 

LOVE this product. Much more energy and my hair is growing crazy long!! All natural and does not not make me feel speedy and at night, I am ready to sleep!! Thank you for making this magnificent product. Wanda

32.  Amazon Review:  Tastes Amazing and Actually Provides Energy (no jitters!)

I have absolutely loved this product from the very first time I tried it. It tastes like candy! I used to drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day but with this product I've been able to eliminate all the coffee! These lozenges provide good feeling energy all day but still allow me to sleep once nighttime comes. This is by far the best energy supplement I've ever tried...it works and it's all natural. Win, Win!  Sarah

33.  The Natural Energy Lozenges truly did give me energy that I don't normally have and I would love to have family and friends give them a try.  Denise

Stacked Nutrition Designed by a Physician

Stacked Nutrition Designed by a Physician